Localise Academy

Tailored Training For Local Government

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We can help you

Localise Academy offers learning and development opportunities in selected aspects of local government:

  • integrated planning and reporting
  • participatory budgeting
  • economic and regional development
  • aged friendly community planning
  • disability friendly workplace planning
  • community engagement

We also offer executive training

  • team development
  • policy and strategy writing
  • executive mentoring
  • grant writing
  • business case writing
  • governance

A little about Localise Academy

We offer courses that individuals or groups can attend and we tailor-make learning and development experiences for teams within organisations and across organisations (e.g. regional groups).

We also cater to Government

We also offer sector wide learning and development for State level clients such as Local Government Managers Australia WA, Western Australia Local Government Association, the Department of Local Government and Communities, and the Department of Regional Development amongst others.

We’re a little different

Our style is focused on experiential learning – we don’t subject participants to hours of “talking heads”. We impart strong frameworks and use reflection, dialogue, case studies, simulations and exercises to achieve powerful learning outcomes. We create a safe and fun environment for participants to truly explore, stretch and grow their knowledge and skills.


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